Ceramic Artists Bowl Over Ohio Ceramic Supply

2nd Round-Throwing Comp

Ohio Ceramic Supply, Mayco’s new sister company, held their grand re-opening in late September (2015). Workshops featured renowned artists and instructors including Fong Choo, Janis Mars Wunderlich, William Pulse, Michael Harbridge and David Hoff. Guests could also visit with representatives from Xiem Tools, Skutt Kilns, Amaco, Duncan, Spectrum, Shimpo, Laguna Clay and Standard Clay.

One of the highlights of the event was the Bowl Throwing Contest. Teams of students, teachers and artists from nearby universities and clay organizations took part in the challenge to throw as many bowls as possible in 2 1-hour sessions. They threw an amazing 451 bowls! The bowls will be fired and Ohio Ceramic Supply will work with local elementary, middle and high schools to glaze them for an Empty Bowls project this fall.

Ohio Ceramic Supply was purchased by Mayco Colors in April 2015 and serves a variety of ceramic markets in the northern Ohio area. The company’s products include glaze, clay and slip, wheels, kilns, bisque and ceramic tools. In addition, they offer educational workshops for artists, art educators and those with an interest in ceramics on their own. Visit their website at www.ohioceramic.com for more information including upcoming sales, events, and workshops.

Here are some of the great moments captured during the 2 rounds of the Bowl Throwing Competition. A big thank you to all the participants from the local universities and art centers. This was such an amazing event and we can't wait for the next one! 

OCS Throwing Competition Team3  OCS Throwing Competition Team2  

Bowl Comp Nate

  1st Round-Throwing Comp2

OCS Throwing Competition-Round2

OCS Throwing Competition  1st Round-Throwing Comp

OCS Throwing Competition Mayco Team

Thank you, Jeff Hanson, for taking photos and videos of this event.

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