We’re thrilled to share our collection of unique shapes. We strive to stay on top of the latest in design trends and create shapes with you in mind. Whether you’re looking for whimsical pieces or elegant home decor, we have what you need. Mayco has been helping ceramicists and studio owners cultivate their art and grow their businesses through innovative products, education and inspiration for 65 years. We’re a ceramics company -- that’s our focus and our passion. We are committed to helping you expand your knowledge and support exploration of new ideas, products and techniques.      

We also have Stoneware Bisque, which is intended for our consumers who prefer to do their glaze work at mid-range or for low fire artists who would like to experience the higher temperature glazes but do not produce their own bisque ware.  Designed for use with cone 5-6 stoneware glazes.  Stoneware bisque can be used in the microwave, dishwasher and oven.

Mayco’s bisque is the perfect choice for personalizing your inside and outside living space, kid’s room and kitchen.  Our spectacular shapes give the artist ample surface to decorate or let the bisque detail drive the design work.

View and download our recent Bisque Catalog: 2019 Bisque Catalog High Res (113 MB pdf download) / 2019 Bisque Catalog Low Res (18 MB pdf download)


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New Bisque

Table Top - Dinnerware
Cups, Mugs & More

Home Décor - Vases, Vessels,
Decoration & More

Holiday - Festive,
Holiday themed bisque 
MB1544 Gnome Jar 1 mb1524 unicorn mug1 mb1527 milk can vase  mb1515 Faceted Skull lr 

New Bisque

Table Top



Garden - Outdoor, yard
and garden bisque
Boxes, Banks & Stuff -
Everything else 
 Stoneware Bisque - Our new
microwave & oven safe bisque


MB1535 MB1531 standing SB 133 Stein  


Boxes, Banks & Stuff

Stoneware Bisque