Casting Slip

Mayco manufactures two types of casting slip: low-fire, earthenware, and a mid-range stoneware slip. Developed to be compatible with our own glazes as well as many other commercially available glazes, they are regularly tested for fit and performance.  We also use our slip to produce all of our US-made earthenware bisque.

Mayco's Earthenware and Stoneware Casting Slips are AP certified and conform to ASTM-D4236. Slip is packaged in 2-gallon plastic bags, 2 gallons per box.

Mayco's Earthenware Casting Slip is a high-quality casting clay made from a well-balanced formula for plasticity, minimum shrinkage, reliable greenware strength, and easy casting ability. The unfired color is a light grey; fired, the bisque is pure white. The most used firing range is cone 06 to cone 03. Shrinkage: 9.5 ± 1.0% @ C/04. Absorption: 12 ± 1% @C/04.

Mayco’s Stoneware Casting Slip is generally buff in color and vitreous at cone 6. Suitable for use in microwaves and dishwashers, pieces that are meant for long-term use are cast with stoneware slip because of its strong durability. Shrinkage: 14.5% ± 1% @ C/6. Absorption: <1.5% @ C/6


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 Three 600 gallon slip tanks    Pump Control Center - for boxing and bulk container filling