xiem logoXiem Studio Tools were created by Kevin Nguyen, owner and founder of Xiem Clay Center and Gallery. In Kevin's words:

"Working with clay as an artist and industrial designer, I have often thought, "I wish there was a tool that does...." Since opening Xiem Clay Center and Gallery in 2003, I have watched thousands of students learn and progress with clay. We have stocked our store with tools that match the diversity of classes we offer the ceramic community in the Los Angeles area. Xiem sells a wide range of tools from various vendors. When the tools we needed were not available, I designed and made them to offer in our store. Today, Xiem Studio Tools are distributed worldwide.

At Xiem we are committed to developing the highest quality tools, competitively priced, and with the best service possible. Every Xiem Studio tool offers a simple solution and creative purpose - we are focused on good design, made with intention and quality execution without compromise. Xiem Studio Tools are the new essentials and the premier choice for clay artists."

Click the links or images below to view individual Xiem Studio Tools.  Click here to download the full Xiem catalog PDF (9.4mb)

precision app set art roller stainless_steel_set CMS08
Silicone Rib orange group DRSA art_roller_detailer XAB view2
Attachable Letters phrase
CABK 10310 Customizable Applicator Kit SET
GB2 10287 Glaze brush 2 inch group
MRS3C 10291 Mini Ribbon Tools set C
SSR2C 10274 Stainless Steel Rib 2C group Texture Combs Set A soft LTT04 10304 Trimming Tool Medium Round Group  Pro Cutting Wires
 Pro Cutting Wire
sanding sticks
Sanding Stick Porcelain  Art Tubes  Sponges 
Sanding Sticks Porcelain Sanding Sticks   Art Tubes X Sponges