Deanna Ranlett's Creative Glazing Techniques

deanna ranlett"While I enjoy mixing glazes - the reality is I don't always have time to test for each unique color for a new commission - I have found that with commercial products I can match swatches much easier and work faster."


Deanna studied under Kathy King at Georgia State University and graduated with a BFA in Ceramics. She has worked in the supply industry for 15 years, the last 5 as owner of Atlanta Clay. And 2 years ago Deanna bought MudFire, a community studio which hosts workshops and maintains a nationally recognized gallery. 

All this activity doesn't leave her much time for her passion - creating ceramic art.  Luckily, she has found methods of using prepared ceramic glazes that allow her to spend more time on her forms and shapes without sacrificing surface decoration.

To read her article, published in the 2014 September/October of Pottery Making Illustrated - download it here (pdf): Creative Commercial Glazing

 "Originally published in Pottery Making Illustrated, Sept/Oct, 2014, pages 6 and 7. . Copyright, The American Ceramic Society. Reprinted with permission."