We love events!

We see events as places we go to meet you, talk and share, instruct and inspire. At trade shows we show up with literature, product samples and dazzling displays. We bring supplies to teach classes or to do simple “make n’ takes” at our booth. We show up with artists, teachers and marketers who are well versed in product usage. We can answer technical questions about how products are supposed to work. And we love to share design and decorating ideas, discussing with you various applications techniques and the fired effects they create.

Perhaps our favorite type of event is the one where we get to explore product usage with you. Hands-on. We’ll talk a little - but you’ll feel, apply and directly experience what it’s like to use Mayco products. We generally develop classes and workshops for the following audiences:

  • Art Educators: For teachers primarily teaching art to elementary and secondary school students.
  • PYOP (Paint Your Own Pottery studios):  For owners and employees of ceramic studio businesses
  • Consumers & Hobbyists: For anyone interesting in design and decorating on low fire (cone 06) ceramics.
  • Potters & Clay Artists: For anyone interested in design and decorating on mid-range and higher fire ceramics (cone 6 and up)
  • Glass: For anyone interested in warm glass art: fusing, slumping and casting

To find where we’ll be, conducting an event that might interest you, navigate through the events menu in the column to the right. Choose the Calendar to view everything we’re doing or click through the audience-specific links.

Camp Programs

We have a few structured workshops - we call them "Camps" - that we create and market annually.

  • Pottery Camp:
    A two-day educational event intended for PYOP staff. We update studios on new product usage, share design and application techniques and discuss best practices for a retail studio. Attendees must own or work in a PYOP studio.
  • Ceramic Camp:  
    A two-day technique based workshop. Attendees will complete 8 projects over the two days using just about every fired product Mayco offers. High emphasis on recently introduced glazes and innovative application techniques.

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