Mayco - The Choice for PYOP Studios

Mayco is more than a company that creates amazing glazes and innovative techniques. We’re a leader in the ceramics industry that helps studios like yours succeed through education, inspiration, technical support and personal knowledge of the PYOP industry.  
Mayco is your partner in success. 


Founding member of Contemporary Ceramic Studio Association (CCSA).

We believed in you then and we continue to believe in you now!


Mayco Products

Every product that Mayco develops is for the ceramics market. We are dedicated to ceramics ‐ that’s all we do!


Stroke & Coat

Stroke & Coat® was the first glaze developed specifically for the PYOP market with their unique needs and processes. 

Kathy McCourt - Tech Support

Technical Support – We stand behind our products. We are committed to our distributors, who provide direct support to consumers with quick service and delivery.  

We work hard to keep our partnerships strong.

Pottery Camp

Continuing Education

Mayco goes beyond the glaze and bisque sales! We’re celebrating 15 years of award‐winning education…AKA Pottery Camp! 

Teddy and Crista


We have hands‐on experience in the market as former studio owners and we work with studios on a daily basis. We understand what it is like to be in your shoes.  


 Mayco can relate...

We know how labor intensive it is to run a PYOP studio. That’s why Mayco provides you with the tools for success. Our motto is Design by Innovation, not Imitation.


Colleen Corey

The industry's only female-owned business. 

Mayco is the only color/bisque manufacturer in our market solely owned by a woman and connects to the predominantly female owned PYOP market.
Pictured left: Mayco's President & CEO, Colleen Carey.

60 years

The test of time.

Over 60 years of experience in creating amazing color and specialty products. All of our colors are manufactured at our factory in Hilliard, Ohio. Over 30% of our bisque shapes are manufactured in the USA. 

60 years Stroke & Coat® are Non-ToxicMayco Stroke & Coats® are the best‐selling glaze in the PYOP market and bear the AP Non-Toxic Seal, which is recognized globally. This seal indicates that the product has met very strict material requirements and has undergone extensive testing (including lead content) to qualify as non-toxic. Consistent with our commitment to high-quality standards and superior product performance, we go the extra step and expense to obtain this certification. Using Stroke & Coat® in your studio shows your commitment to health and safety. 


If you’re not a member of the Mayco family, we invite you to join us! You’ll see that our passion for ceramics feeds our drive to constantly develop new creative tools, support and techniques with you in mind.