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Steel Garden Sphere
Weathered Garden Angel
Stoneware Gnomes
Spring Floral Rabbit
Acrylic Angels
Desert Dusk Gazing Ball and Pedestal
Speckled Toad Gazing Ball and Pedestal
Oxblood Gazing Ball and Pedestal
Blue Crackle Mushrooms
Crystal & Elements Critters
Colorful Hareball Bunny
Cactus Planter Llama
Gazing Ball and Pedestal
Garden Sphere Planter
Large Weathered Wood Garden Angel
Duck-zilla Planter
Garden Gnome Elwood
Garden Gnome Jake
Garden Gnome Hilda
Small Weathered Wood Garden Angel
White Garden Rabbit
Elements Rabbit Planter
Elements Garden Ball
Handbuilt Sea Life Planters
Texture Mat Planters with Stoneware Wash
Dotted Frog Climber
Colorful Frog
Sunflower Dog (2)
Patriotic Pinwheel
Vinegar Textured Iguana
Lace Draped Ornament
Princess Fairy Garden
Specialty Glaze Mushrooms
Elements Hedgehog Planter
Gnomes in Acrylics
Astrid Gnome
Specialty Glaze Birds
Elements Mushrooms
Elements 6" House Vase
Elements House Candle Holder
Antiqued Crackle Birds and Lantern
Sven Gnome
Woodgrain Birdhouse
Elements 8" House
Elements Pinwheel Flower
Designer Liner Peacock
Super Blue Pinwheel Flowers
Garden Bird Containers
Garden Cottage
Garden Gator
Sandstone Mushroom
Swirly Pinwheel Garden Stake
Elements Orange Leaf Dish
Elements Yellow Leaf Dish
Elements Maple Leaf Dish
Elements Gray Leaf Dish
Springtime Crystal Birds
Elements Banana Leaf Plate
Elwood Gnome
Large Crystal Toad
Hilda Gnome
Clay Pot Owl
Clay Pot Mushroom
Rainbow Fairy Window with Shutters
Jake Gnome
Rainbow Fairy Teapot
Rainbow Fairy Window with Awning
Elements Flower Fairy House
Elements Fairy Door
Elements Stump Fairy House
Elements Acorn Cottage
Fairy House Teapot
Fairy House Windows
Celebration Fairy Window
Hawaiian Turtle Planter
Flamingo Bird Feeder
Colorful Snail Planter
Hawaiian Owl Planter
Crystal Stretch Cat
Hawaiian Frog Planter
Tiki Planter
Poured Gecko
Harvest Hedgehog Planter
Poured Mushroom
Fuzzy Dog
Flower Power Cat
Sweater Cat
Mushrooms with Crystals
Elements English Cottage Jar
Valentine Teapot Fairy House
Valentine Fairy Door
Valentine Fairy Window
Holiday Fairy Teapot
Holiday Fairy Awning Window
Holiday Fairy Window
Classic Toadstool Homes
Blue Magical Mushrooms
Hanging Birdbath
Garden Elf - Acrylic
Crystal Frog Planter
Crystal Turtle Planter
Crystal Hedgehog Planter
Crystal Snail Planter
Crystal Pinwheel
Woodland Mushrooms
Bright Orange Scarab
Spring Bloom Birdhouse
Vibrant Crystal Owl Planter
Flowery Turtle Planter
Whoo Do You Love?
Crystal Owl Planter
Fairy Home Companion
Chalkboard Flower Pots
Spring Acorn Cottage
Classic English Cottage
Elements English Cottage
Birdhouse Blues
Maison d'oiseau
Crystal Acorn Cottage
Elemental Bird Feeder
Brown Owl Planter
Sunshine Buterfly
Groovy Birds
Pink Crackle Flower Pots
Batik Stretch Dog & Cat
Metallic Koi
Can-It Herb Planters
Bluebirds Bath
Autumn Leaves
Box Blooms Planters
Groovy Turtle Planter
Stars & Stripes Birdhouse
Blue Owl Planter
Welcome Garden Plaque
Mug Flowerpot
Layered Chunkies
Koi Raku
Flower Turtle Planter
Asian Crackled Koi
Autumn Bird House
Kool Koi
Tree Frog Planter
Poppy Fields Koi
Sculpted Birds
Spotted Orange Koi
Stone Gargoyle
Mid Century Modern Flowers
Frog Planter
Sneaky Bug & Fall Gathering
Colorful Garden Mushroom
Spot On Doodle Vase
Spot on Design
Fuzzy Mushroom
Cobblestone Garden Birds
Cobblestone Mushroom
Feathered Friend