Easter Eggs

"Speck-acular" tray for deviled eggs.

Products Used

  • MB-934 - Deviled Egg Dish
  • S-2101 - Crystal Clear Brushing
  • SC-15 - Tuxedo
  • SP-206 - Speckled Sunkissed
  • SP-211 - Speckled Blue Yonder
  • SP-216 - Speckled Cotton Tail
  • SP-223 - Speckled Jack O'Lantern
  • SP-227 - Speckled Sour Apple
  • SP-253 - Speckled Purple Haze
  • SP-260 - Speckled Silver Lining
  • SP-270 - Speckled Pink-A-Dot
Decorating Accessories
  • CB-106 - #6 Script Liner
  • CB-110 - #10/0 Liner
  • CB-404 - #4 Pointed Round
  • CB-604 - #4 Soft Fan
  • BT-910 - Synthetic Sponges
Additional Materials
Project Info
  • Designer: Tim McPherson
  • Skill Level: Basic
  • Time: 2 hours


  1. Moisten a clean Sponge and wipe down the Bisque to remove any dust.
  2. Using a pencil, lightly mark off the egg shapes.
  3. Using both the CB-604 #4 Soft Fan and CB-106 # 6 Script Liner, apply 3 Coats of SP-253 Speckled Purple Haze to the background areas, allowing drying time in-between each coat.
  4. For the eggs that will be the rabbits, using the CB-404 # 4 Pointed Round, apply 3 smooth Coats of SP-260 Speckled Silver Lining.
  5. Apply 3 smooth Coats of the following colors using the CB-404 # 4 Pointed Round to the remaining eggs: SP-206 Speckled Sunkissed, SP-211 Speckled Blue Yonder, SP-223 Speckled Jack O' Lantern, SP-227 Speckled Sour Apple and SP-270 Speckled Pink-A-Dot.6) Using the CB-106 #6 Script Liner, load in SC-260 Speckled Silver Lining and apply 2 Coats to ears to the rabbits.
  6. Using a brush handle loaded in SC-216 Speckled Cotton Tail, add the tails to the rabbits.
  7. Using the CB-110 10/0 Mini-Liner, load in SC-15 Tuxedo and loosely outline the eggs, tails and ears. If desired, add lettering to the center area.
  8. Allow to dry, then apply 1 to 2 Coats of S-2101 Natural Clear using the CB-604 # 4 Soft Fan.
  9. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.